26 May 2014

Abastos Market

We finally found the import store everyone keeps telling us about.  So that we'll remember where it is, and so that you can find it too if you want, it's on Calle 4 next to the big produce place that's numbered #428 (so the import store would probably be #426 if it were numbered).  It's next to all the fondas.  It had a wide variety of food from the Middle East, India, east and southeast Asia, Europe, and the US.  The prices were similar to what I've seen elsewhere, or maybe slightly cheaper, but they had more things than anyone else I've seen. I ended up with rice noodles, sesame oil, tofu, and Chinese egg noodles

We tried some wheat from Calle 8.  Hopefully this time it'll be good and worth go back to that store. It seems to be impossible to find wheat here that is ready to grind, but we always search for the cleanest wheat possible.  The second time we bought a big bag of it, it seemed to be soft wheat and made pretty sorry, sticky bread.

We bought some different cocoa from a store on the eastern end of Calle 6.  It was a tenth of the price of imported Hershey cocoa, even in Abastos.  We'll see if it makes decent brownies, but it was cheap enough that it wouldn't be the end of the world if it's nasty.

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