28 January 2015


Apparently a man from Tabasco lived near this site in the late 1800s and that's why it picked up this name.

The site is 6 km north of Dzibalchen with a turnoff on the west side of the road. They're working on upgrading it to a site where you have to pay a fee, but when we went the road was still awful- by far the worst road we drove on during the whole trip.  But since they've built bathrooms there and are putting up better signs (there's a good one if you're coming from the south, but it's easy to miss the sign if you're coming from the north), I expect they'll fix the road and start charging around 39 pesos to visit before too much longer.  I'm glad the road wasn't closed while we were there.

It's a pleasant, small, and peaceful site.  No one was sitting at the desk when we arrived, but there were people raking at the site and they called the entrance guy so we could sign in when we left.  We were the only visitors.

This is also a Late Classic site, peaking around 800 AD.

Also, there are some really cool trees here.

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